This is definitely NOT about the Royals...

I’m going to do my very best to avoid writing in praise of the Royals in this pastor’s note.  It’s cheap and unimaginative to make a theological or spiritual point using the Royals’ past three decades as an extended metaphor.  I know this to be true.  Must. Avoid. Temptation.


I’ll keep it at a few sentences.  I’m a huge Royals fan.  Somehow my dad became the only Royals fan in a family (eight siblings!!!) of Cardinals fans.  We listened to Royals games on the radio together, Denny Matthews narrated summers of my childhood.  I’m thrilled to be in Kansas City at a time in which the long-suffering suddenly become the celebratory.  It’s good.


If anyone would like to hear me speak much much much longer about the Royals and make wildly over-grandiose statements about nostalgia and baseball let’s do lunch and regal each other with tales of heartbreak and absolute euphoria at long last. 


In addition to the Royals amazing run (I’m not doing well at avoiding that topic huh?) I’ve loved KC in October thus far because of the obvious beauty throughout the city.  I haven’t had anything pumpkin spice flavored as of yet, but I too can be suckered by the romanticism of Autumn.  I chose to speak on death in October because of the evidence of one season giving way to another during this month.  Sometimes we see it happening gradually; and at other times it seems to happen over night.  Greens slide into or explode into oranges and reds in October.  It seemed a fitting time to address death.  Some of you have mentioned to me that the messages haven’t felt as though they were “on” death at all, but on death and resurrection.  That sounds about right.  I never want to suggest that death is anything less than cataclysmic, but the story of Christian faith always invites us toward resurrection.  This weekend the Candace Shaw will be bringing a message on the resurrection of Jesus.  It’s a message that’s honest, accessible and powerful.  I’m so excited for you to be a part of it.  We get to celebrate at the end of October with our fall festival at Revolution on the 26th.  If you’d like to help out with that or place your chili against other chili artists please sign up on the green card this weekend.


November kicks off the holiday season in earnest in every church and at Keystone and Revolution we’ll celebrate often, both in traditional and inventive manners.  On Sunday November 2nd members of Revolution who recently traveled to Ferguson Missouri will share their reflections on that experience.  They will present video and pictures, but most important will be their stories.  Please join us at 6:30 that evening at Revolution to learn more about a defining issue of our time. 
On November 14th Revolution will host Sight to Sound: a Night of Art and Worship.  Musicians from the Keystone and Revolution bands will bring awesome music and artists in the congregations will display and create art in the Revolution sanctuary as we celebrate the presence of God with us.  Please mark that Friday evening on your calendars and invite friends.  There will be childcare available at both of these events. 


Of course there will also be the hanging of the greens and caroling and preparations made for advent and Christmas (all things which your Pastor loves, so, be prepared). 


Finally two favors I would ask: if you are willing to share some opinions about prayer with me please shoot me a Facebook message or an email at


Also, if you have an outdoor nativity scene (like the ones you put on your lawn) you should send me an email as well…don’t worry, you’ll find out why. 


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jared 

October 16, 2014 - 5:52 pm

500 W. 40th St. KCMO 64111(816)931-1858sunday mornings at 11:30