What is KC and our blog about

In this blog, we will look at a history of Gospel music and also delve into how Churches and Cathedrals are built acoustically to move the sound from the back (where it often originates) to the front in a manner that provides the congregants with full rich sound.

The five of us have been involved in ministry for decades now, from diverse backgrounds. We are all passionate about our faith and it is a real honor to have gotten to know each member of this group. We thank God for having brought us into each others lives. A couple of us are here in Kansas City and the others are still in Richmond. Check out the About Us pages for a little history on how we wound up meeting each other.

As we aged and moved on from the Churches we grew to love, we decided to share some of our experiences with Gospel music, Church acoustics, and a little history and some pictures of the 5 largest Christian Churches in the world, churches a few of us have visited in the past.

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of our site as we did putting it together! Our intent is to keep adding to it as time goes on and we feel we have additional things to share.

Of the five of us, only Amanda is even moderately proficient with creating blogs and computer work in general. She has agreed to put this together with textual input from the other four. She will be soliciting help as necessary, mostly from other parishioners (I hope)! The youth groups seem to have been born with knowledge to do all these things. I find the whole thing perplexing and would turn it into unreadable garbage if given a chance to drive, so I will gladly take a back seat.

We each come from slightly different perspectives, a couple preached, a couple headed the choirs, and one also sang but headed up the bookkeeping end on the church. Even churches must account for funds and direct spending and budgets,

I (Amanda) have received some help with the site from a friend and fellow parishioner. His name is Daniel and he is the owner of a mold removal company in Richmond.

It would be remiss of me not to mention his name and extend a big thank you to Daniel!